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With PE+ Avatar module you can create embroidery designs from a predefined gallery of parts and make avatars, faces or monsters. You can select from a vast gallery of predesigned parts and create amazing and funny avatars.

All the predesigned parts from the gallery have default characteristics as a predetermined position that you can change manualy and a default set of colors for every part that you can change as desired from the color palette.

You can view the stitches generated in the screen before you decide to export the design in the required machine format.

You may then send that designs to the proper media. You will be able to transfer designs to computers, save in your Dropbox account or send it by email to any email address.

Don't worry if PE+ doesn't include your embroidery file format. You may later convert the created designs using other standard application (Stitch Era Universal, etc).

PE+ uses some Internet services to process each design request, and then it requires an Internet connection.

Depending on the application (module) and operating system, you may have several options to get each of them:

  • Free application, for a period of time
  • Standard purchase of application
  • Design credits (consumables)

Just download, install and use the free application, and then decide whether you want to get any paid option or not. You may fully try each application before purchasing it.


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This samples are for testing purposes only.

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This samples are for testing purposes only.

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