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go topWhat is Planet Embroidery for?

Planet Embroidery is a set of services offered via the Internet for the creation of embroidery designs in various formats suitable for the production on automatic embroidery machines (industrial, commercial or home embroidery machines). Users should not buy any software; they simply get design files in various file formats.

The services are user friendly and require no prior training. Users can easily specify the characteristics of the designs, and check the created designs visually in detail before saving them.

go topIs Planet Embroidery free, or is it a charged service?

Planet Embroidery is Freemium type of service, that is, certain services are offered free of charge (free) and other services with more valuable characteristics (premium) are charged with a certain price.

Planet Embroidery has some free limited services, but most full-featured services (premium) are charged at a very reasonable & competitive price. Then users can get some custom designs for free (selecting the free options) and also other create designs with a more variety of options paying the premium service.

go topWhich services does Planet Embroidery offer?

Web Lettering:

It produces customized embroidery text designs. There are many pre-digitized fonts available. Users can change the fill properties & layout.

Web Monogram:

It produces customized embroidery monogram designs, which may be selected from the many monogram styles available, scaled and customized.

Web Motifs:

It produces embroidery motif designs. You may select among the many motifs available, scale it and export to any embroidery file format.

Web Photo:

It produces personalized embroidery photo-style designs. Upload your photo and convert it to stitches. The stitch generation demand a few seconds.

Web Cross Stitch:

It produces personalized cross stitch embroidery designs. Upload your image (cartoon type) & convert it to stitches in a few seconds.

go topWhich Planet Embroidery services are offered for free?

Only some limited services are offered free of charge. The free services allow users to use and test them. Services are:

  1. Web Lettering (free service, premium service)
  2. Web Monogram (free service, premium service)
  3. Web Motif (free service, premium service)
  4. Web Photo (premium service only)
  5. Cross Stitch web (premium service only)

go topNotes about Planet Embroidery free services.

There could be some other restrictions (or differences) on de use of the free of charge service, such as the number of designs produced on a daily or monthly basis, for how long the design remains stored in the server, number of stitches, etc.

Why can I only produce a limited number of designs daily?

This restriction is only applicable to free of charge designs. With the purpose of offering this service to a huge number of users, we are forced to restrict the use of the system per user, so that a big number of visitors find it available and could be able to use it whenever necessary. Through the flat fee system (paid service) you will be able to create designs without restrictions, and download them, according to the limit of your account.

go topReasons to use Planet Embroidery.

  • With Planet Embroidery you do not need to install a program on your computer. As a service accessed through a web browser (requires flash add-on), you can use the service from different workstations without installing anything, with the additional advantage of being able to be used simultaneously in different computers, even remote ones, from virtually any location.
  • Planet Embroidery allows you to create designs using several applications: You can create text, monograms, photos and other kind of designs. All this within the same subscription plan.
  • Planet Embroidery services offers you making some designs free of charge and some others with a reasonable and very competitive price.
  • You pay for the designs; you are not paying for a software product which must be later updated. The cost of custom design is very convenient, and the more frequently you use this service, the cost for each design will have a lower value.
  • You can use this service according to your designs demand. At the time you want to stop using it for several months, simply do not subscribe to a new plan until you decide to continue.

go topWhat is the cost of the Planet Embroidery premium plans?

The Planet Embroidery premium services are offered as subscription plans (monthly, or for a longer period), from U$S 12.00 per month (there are also higher plans).

The cost of each plan is related to the maximum amount of designs that can be created during the subscription period.

In other words, Planet Embroidery is offered as a flat fee regardless of the number of designs created while these designs do not exceed the maximum number of designs available for such subscription plan.

go topHave all designs the same price?

Yes. After choosing the subscription plan, designs created by each service has the same value, regardless of its complexity. The cost of every design (from lettering, motif, photo, etc) is the same: 1 design, no matter the size of the design, the stitches count or the type of design you decide to produce.

go topIn the premium service, may I test designs for free?

You can specify and produce embroidery designs on each service in order to visualize it. Then you may adjust the parameters and try again with no cost at all. But you cannot save or export them for free if the design option is labeled as paid.

Saving or exporting designs is a confirmation that you have accepted the design and decide to save the design to your disk; then the system will deduct from your account 1 design from the total amount of available designs for the current subscription period.

go topHow can I see if the service is paid or free?

In the free service there is a label indicating FREE next to the styles or components that can be selected.

However, in premium services the system will ask you if you want to accept or reject the charge before saving or exporting the design. After saving or exporting, the charge will be performed and it cannot be canceled.

go topWhere can I subscribe the premium service?

You can hire a premium subscription plan for a period of time by clicking on the "Buy" button (after login). It's a secure operation and there are several payment methods.

go topWhich is the limit for each premium plan: time or number of designs?

The limit is whichever comes first.

As an example, if you have hired a plan of 100 designs per month and you consume 100 designs before the end of the deadline (either 1 day, 1 week or anytime) the subscription will finish because of the designs consumption, and you should hire a new subscription if you want to continue using the services.

For the same case (hiring a plan of 100 designs per month) if you do not completely consume all the designs available in that plan during the subscription period, you lose the right to create the remaining designs after the subscription period expires.

go topWhat is the return policy, if the result is not satisfactory?

We provide samples so that users can test designs created with the offered services, and machines compatibility.

We strongly suggest testing the samples prior to hire any subscription plan. If provided samples are not enough for your evaluation, ask any question directly to Planet Embroidery before hiring any service plan.

We also suggest carefully examining the designs before you save or export them (specifications, dimensions, colors, stitches, format, etc.) because Planet Embroidery does not offer returns or design replacements (compensation), neither payment reimbursement of the subscription plan.

Planet Embroidery will only return the cost of the subscription plan if the service was not available at least 90% of the time the of the contract period.

go topMay someone else use my plan?

Planet Embroidery has no objection to it, but you must take the necessary care to manage your account. Letting someone else use your service plan is at your cost and risk.

go topWhich is the sequence to start using the services?

  1. You must register as a user. User registration is free. Fill the registration form completely and correctly. After submitting the request, our server will send an email with instructions to validate your registration. Follow the indicated steps.
  2. Once you are a registered user and your registration has been validated, you will be able to gain access to the services with your ID (email) and password. Then enter the service area.
  3. You can use the limited services available which are free to all users (see list of free services and charged services). Enjoy Planet Embroidery!
  4. If you want to use the premium service, you should subscribe a plan. See the flat rate subscription plans available. After paying the subscription, you can use premium services during the contracted period.

go topHow do I create and get my designs?

  1. Select the required service.
  2. Prepare the desired design, clearly stating each detail of the specification.
  3. Try. You may pre-view the design. Check that design features match your requirement; otherwise, go back to point 2.
  4. If you wish to download the design, confirm its approval (Get the Design). 1 design will be counted and deducted from the remaining designs at that moment.
  5. You may instantly download the design (in the machine format previously chosen in step 2) or either keep it during some days for its later download. You may download your design as many times as you wish, during the time it is available in the system, at no extra cost (but donít forget it will be deleted automatically).

How can I download created designs?

On any Planet Embroidery service, once the design has been created, it is displayed on screen. Press the "Get the Design" button. A new window will pop up with instructions to download the design.

If you wish, you may not to download it immediately. You may download all the designs recently stored at no extra cost later, through the user file's download area.

Remember that designs created will be stored in the system just temporarily (2 days for free designs, 7 days for charged designs). After that time, designs are automatically deleted from the system.

go topAre designs compatible with my embroidery machine?

Designs created with Planet Embroidery are compatible with many brands and models of embroidery machines. You can test compatibility with the provided samples.

Check your machine User's manual to know the suitable format to use with your embroidery machine. Then, select that format in the "Machine Format" drop down list.

Some machine formats require information about thread color cards and hoops. It is probable that designs created at Planet Embroidery do not meet that specification. You must decide if the lack of information about thread color cards or hoops is acceptable or not before hiring a subscription plan.

go topMay I use the designs for commercial purposes?

Anyone may use Planet Embroidery, hobbyist and embroidery shops. The designs created could be used for commercial purposes as far as the following restrictions are met:

Designs created with Planet Embroidery cannot be sold separately as an "end product" (ie: sell the files produced by Planet Embroidery services); however, they could be merged with other designs or to produce embroideries, which may be sold without any limitation.

You may use this tool in your business regularly, as far as you meet the above-mentioned limitation, without paying for any right or license to the owners of the service.

You should be respectful towards the good practices and any ownership right, development or license over the designs produced (just as an example, the owners of this service should not have any responsibility over the brands, logotypes and other third parties rights not met that are produced by the user, using the tool hereby supplied)

go topWhich are the system requirements?

Planet Embroidery requires an Internet browser to access the service. The applications are compatible with Internet Explorer 8 (and later versions), Google Chrome, Opera 7.0 and Firefox 3.6 and later versions.

It is possible that the viewing in a browser presents problems, if so, change the browser (and please report the inconvenience).

Planet Embroidery uses Flash Technology, and then you must check if your OS & Internet Browser supports Flash. Flash Player must be correctly installed.

Please first test compatibility using the Planet Embroidery services before hiring any subscription plan.

go topWhere to call if I have additional questions or problems?

For technical problems (access to services, design creation, storage and export designs), send an email to:

For questions about terms of service, electronic shopping, your personal account, commercial and/or legal aspects, send an email to:

go topImportant notices!

Read carefully the terms of use and the legal notes before using any Planet Embroidery service. The use of the system implies the acceptance of the terms of use.

  • Planet Embroidery service fees could change without prior notice.>
  • Planet Embroidery reserves the right to accept, deny or cancel a registration.
  • Planet Embroidery may send you information via e-mail about other related products (free or charged) that it might be offering.


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