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Flat rate Digitising at 10 per logo catering to over 350 existing UK customersBasic Listing - Free

With 27 years of experience and over 350 UK customers we are your best choice! Our highly-experienced staff sew every design before we send you the file and when you download it you will see a proof of how the finished embroidery will appear.
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Corporate and Team Apparel and Embroidery ServicesWeb Lettering Partners - Free

Company logo Embroidery or Screen Printing Services on our popular woven shirts, knit golf shirts, active wear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets are now perfectly coordinated to give your office, team or organization a seamless professional look.
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Embroidered Nike Tiger Woods Adidas Izod Ashcity North End Polo Golf ShirtsBasic Listing - Free

We specialize in Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Services, Design and Logo Apparel and Promotional Products for Staff Uniforms, Trade Shows, Customer Appreciation, Business Promotion, Brand Building, Holiday Gifts, Special Events Giveaways.
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Mardi gras beads Mardi gras suppliesBasic Listing - Free

Mardi gras beads and Mardi Gras supplies. Mardi gras Imports has a HUGE selection of beads, trinkets, and supplies! We carry every fancy and unusual bead that you could ask for, naughty or nice
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WTG - Wonder Thread Guide HERE IS THE ANSWER TO END ALL THREAD TANGLING AND BREAKAGE PROBLEMS! After using The Wonder Thread Guide, people wonder WHY their thread no longer tangles, shreds,or breaks.The main reason is that the thread is being fed from the central area of the spool and directly to the sewing/embroidery machine. With the revolutionary Wonder Thread Guide,you will end ALL of your thread problems without using needless thread-nets or sky-scraper towers! Order yours today, and find out what the Wonder Thread Guide can do to improve your sewing,quilting and embroidery projects.You can rest assured that the Wonder thread guide will provide absolute trouble-free thread feeding without any tangling or thread breakage! Fits and works on over 99% of all sewing embroidery machines made.Presently,we do not recommend using the Wonder Guide on the newer machines equipped with Auto-Threading features until further notice. More photos at
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wholesale cheap nike jordan shoes|Air force onesBasic Listing - Free

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Julia's Needle DesignsWeb Lettering Partners - Free

I specialize in a broad spectrum of machine embroidery designs that are sure to suit all tastes. Just grab a cup of coffee or a cold drink and browse all you like. I always have new sets on sale or introductory priced new releases. Click on the Links to the Left to get going! Thank you
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Wholesale Embroidery Patches, Flag Lapel Pin, Military Lapel PinsBasic Listing - Free

Irwin Sales delivers embroidery patches, flag lapel pins and military lapel pins. They are the wholesale distributor of patches, pins and transfers for military, NRA, Sports, religious and more.
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Personalized Gifts by kam Sew Unique.comBasic Listing - Free

"Making personalized gifts for you is our favorite thing to do." ... Offering fleece blankets, personalized framed art, unique gifts, celtic gifts, custom baby fleece, custom wedding gifts, ... gifts for every occasion.
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