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Web Lettering in your site

You can also offer Web Lettering in your Internet site without paying any cost. Integrate this service easily in your pages, giving a special attention to visitors.

Conditions to include Web Lettering in your site

  1. This service is intended only for embroidery related sites.
  2. This service must be easily accessible to the visitors of this site. It is not for private use of whom subscribes here, but for the visitors in general.
  3. Web Lettering codification, images and texts must not be altered (or try to be altered).
  4. Nor explicit or implicit warranties of any type will be granted apart from the mentioned in the Planet Embroidery site.
  5. You accept that the service could be modified and/or suspended without previous notice at any moment.
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The authors reserve for themselves the right to accept, deny, revoke or discontinue the service offer "Add Web Lettering to your web site" to any person or company (individually or collectively), at will, without any obligation to explain the reasons that lead to that decision.

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